Academic Programs

The strengths of Detroit Urban Lutheran School have remained the same throughout its 35 year history:

(1) CHRISTIAN Program,

(2) COLLEGE-PREP Academic Emphasis,

(3) SMALL, BUT GROWING Program, and

(4) FAMILY Atmosphere.

Detroit Urban is touching the lives of many Detroit children with

  • Christian Atmosphere and Experiences
  • Daily Religion Classes for All Grades
  • A Complete Athletic Program (Elementary and High School)
  • College-Credit Distance Learning Classes
  • Growing Technology
  • A Caring Faculty
  • Academic Excellence
  • Great Indoor and Outdoor Facilities
  • On-going Accreditation Planning for Improvement


Graduates of Detroit Urban Lutheran High School have attended a wide variety of colleges and universities.  Former graduates of Detroit Urban Lutheran Elementary School, now adults, can be found making a difference throughout our country – and indeed, around the world.