Best authors ever

Without the talent, and passion that these authors have put into their books we would be bookless!

If you are a book lover like myself, and you try to think of the world without books (or even just the things you have found out in books) well… I know it gave me shivers!

Books have been around for years and they will be around for many more.

Treated well, books are long lasting as well, so knowledge and language from years past are stored and still available to us in the present time!

All books had to have someone write them and we (I know I am) should be very grateful.
Have you ever tried to write a book?

It’s pretty hard. To write a long novel you have to be patient, willing to think really long and hard about something, and have a fair understanding of language.

Pretty hard don’t you think?

These are my favorites…

Mark Twain was mainly a novel writer, and I am yet to find a single book of his that is unsatisfactory or of poor workmanship.

I was reading a book the other day about him and it is made up purely of his quotes, it is quite an interesting book, the name of it is “THE WIT AND WISDOM OF MARK TWAIN” it has some hilarious quotes in it, but as I don’t wish to plagiarize I will merely say that the book is a good one and well worth buying.

His real name is Samuel Langhorne Clemens. Mr. Clemens was born in Florida, Missouri on November 30, 1835 and died on April 21, 1910 in Redding, Connecticut.

One of the peculiar things about his birth and death is that he was born at the time when Halley’s comet was close to earth and he died the day after the comet was at it’s closest. FREAKY!!!! Here is a short list of some of the best books that he wrote.

  • The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
  • A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court
  • The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
  • Tom Sawyer Abroad
  • Tom Sawyer, Detective
  • The Prince and the Pauper
  • Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc
  • The Diaries of Adam and Eve

Enid Blyton

Enid Blyton is one of the most famous authors in the world of books. She was at one period in her 40 year career writing an estimated 10,000 words a day! Her style of writing is quite riveting and the story line will draw readers into the book. these are definitely some of her very best books, though the majority of them are excellent. Some of Enid Blyton’s more famous series are:
The Famous Five (ages 8+)
1. Five on a Treasure Island
2. Five go Adventuring Again
3. Five Run Away Together
4. Five Go to Smuggler’s Top
5. Five Go Off in a Caravan
6. Five on Kirrin Island Again
7. Five Go Off to Camp
8. Five Get Into Trouble
9. Five Fall Into Adventure
10. Five on a Hike Together
11. Five Have a Wonderful Time
12. Five Go Down to the Sea
13. Five Go to Mystery Moor
14. Five Have Plenty of Fun
15. Five on a Secret Trail
16. Five Go to Billycock Hill
17. Five Get Into a Fix
18. Five on Finniston Farm
19. Five Go to Demon’s Rocks
20. Five Have a Mystery to Solve
21. Five Are Together Again

The Secret Seven (ages 8+)
1. The Secret Seven
2. Secret Seven Adventure
3. Well Done, Secret Seven
4. Secret Seven on the Trail
5. Go Ahead Secret Seven
6. Good Work, Secret Seven
7. Secret Seven Win Through
8. Three Cheers Secret Seven
9. Secret Seven Mystery
10. Puzzle for the Secret Seven
11. Secret Seven Fireworks
12. Good Old Secret Seven
13. Shock for the Secret Seven
14. Look Out Secret Seven
15. Fun for the Secret Seven

The Adventurous Four (ages 8+)
1. The Adventurous Four
2. The Adventurous Four Again
3. Off with the Adventurous Four Again!

The Faraway Tree (ages 7+)
1. The Enchanted Wood
2. The Magic Faraway Tree
3. The Folk of the Faraway Tree
4. Up the Faraway Tree

In the near future I will get around to writing reviews on all of these books…until then please be patient…