Member of the

Catholic High School League

and the

Michigan High School Athletic Association.


Men                                        Women

Fall Sports                      Football                                   Volleyball

Tennis                                     Cheerleading



Winter Sports                 Basketball                                 Basketball




Spring Sports                 Baseball                                    Softball

Track                                         Track


Academic Programs

The strengths of Detroit Urban Lutheran School have remained the same throughout its 35 year history:

(1) CHRISTIAN Program,

(2) COLLEGE-PREP Academic Emphasis,

(3) SMALL, BUT GROWING Program, and

(4) FAMILY Atmosphere.

Detroit Urban is touching the lives of many Detroit children with

  • Christian Atmosphere and Experiences
  • Daily Religion Classes for All Grades
  • A Complete Athletic Program (Elementary and High School)
  • College-Credit Distance Learning Classes
  • Growing Technology
  • A Caring Faculty
  • Academic Excellence
  • Great Indoor and Outdoor Facilities
  • On-going Accreditation Planning for Improvement


Graduates of Detroit Urban Lutheran High School have attended a wide variety of colleges and universities.  Former graduates of Detroit Urban Lutheran Elementary School, now adults, can be found making a difference throughout our country – and indeed, around the world.

2009-2010 School Calendar


24-First Day of Classes (1/2 Day K-8; Full Day High School )


4-7 No Classes (Labor Day Observation)


28- End of 1st Quarter

29-30 No Classes (Teachers’ Conference)


6 – Parent Teacher Consultation Day

26-27 No Classes (Thanksgiving Vacation)


21-Christmas Vacation Begins


4 – Classes Resume K-12

13 – 14 – 15 – High School Semester Exams

18 – No Classes (M.L. King, Jr. Birthday Observation)


12 – 13 – No Classes (Sweetheart Ball Workday)


26 – End of 3rd Quarter


1 – Parent Teacher Consultation Day

2 – No Classes (Easter Vacation Begins)

12 – Classes Resume K -12


28 – Senior Semester Exams Begin

31 – No Classes (Memorial Day)


2 – 3 – 4 High School Semester Exams

4 – Last Day of Classes High School (Evening – High School Graduation)

8 – Last Day of Classes K-8

9 – No Classes (Evening – K-8 Scholastic Awards)

10 – No Classes (Evening – 8th Grade Graduation)